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"Business development, innovation and SMEs", project presentation-conference.

2024-04-22, AB Lietkabelis held a project presentation-conference of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms Program "Business Development, Innovations and SMEs". The event went smoothly and attracted the interest of journalists. The conference was also attended by members of the community, representatives of equipment manufacturers, and company employees.

The project was implemented together with the Norwegian IT company "Espero AS".

The goal of the project: optimization of production processes by introducing new digital technologies.

Benefits of the project: The use of digital technologies enables AB "Lietkabelis" to produce sustainable products that meet the demand of a growing and dynamic market.

The result of the project: a new automated automotive cable production line with integrated digitization technology was installed, consisting of three parts, i.e. Double twist copper core winder, automated automotive cable production line and automatic double insulated wire winder

More about the project

Project Promoter

AB “Lietkabelis”

Total project’s eligible costs

1 686 376 Eur

Grant funding

600 000  Eur

Project partner

AB „Lietkabelis“ and Espero AS, the Norwegian partner, will cooperate in implementing a new automotive cable production line using digital technologies. Espero AS will provide its expertise in the field of digital technologies to help AB „Lietkabelis“. This will increase efficiency, reduce waste, increase production capacity, and increase labor productivity. AB „Lietkabelis“ will benefit from the partnership by reducing costs and improving production processes. The partnership is expected to contribute to the long-term growth and competitiveness of both companies, as well as to the strengthening of bilateral relations between Norway and Lithuania.

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The project involves the implementation of new digital equipment to optimize the production process.
Thus reducing the amount of waste and increasing the efficiency of the process. Making these changes will reduce production costs and create better quality products.

The use of digital technology will enable AB „Lietkabelis“ to produce sustainable products, meeting the growing market demand.

The partnership with a Norwegian company will provide AB „Lietkabelis“ access to the partner's expertise in implementing ICT (digital technologies) and optimization solutions, which will improve the company's competitiveness.

The project will expand the company's production capacity, offering higher value-added products and positioning it as a leader in green industry development in Lithuania, enhancing its brand image and attracting more customers and investors.

Project promoter contacts:

J. Janonio g. 4
Panevėžys LT-35101
+370 45 50 27 00

Project partner contacts:

Nesbruveien 75
1394 Nesbru, Norway
Tel.: + 47 66 85 59 59